A renewable and sustainable natural product

Scandinavian log cabins are truly natural products, the production of which consumes very little energy: wood construction process has a considerably lower impact on the environment than other materials. Finland, which is, in fact, the most forested country in the Europe, has been committed to sustainable forest management already for several generations. Renewable construction materials are obtained ecologically from the well-cared Finnish forests. Our production processes use materials as efficiently as possible and the resulting by-products are used as thermal heat energy in the factory, so nothing is wasted! 

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Reduce your carbon footprint - build from wood

Wood has the unique ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it during its whole lifespan. Choosing wood as the building material of your house reduces carbon dioxide in the air and significantly counteracts global warming. Wood binds carbon dioxide; other materials produce it. Wood is the most ecological building material whose durability has been tested already during its growth in the Finnish forests in the harsh conditions of storms, rain, drought and extreme temperatures. 

Log house lasts from generation to generation – the oldest log houses in Finland, which are still today in residential use, are already hundreds of years old.

Our houses are tight and energy-efficient

The tightness of the structures ensures the energy efficiency of the building. It is important to note that the tight construction does not eliminate the most important feature of the log as a material – i.e. breathability. What this means is that the log wall will still efficiently balance any moisture or temperature variation in the interior air. 
In a Nordic log house, you will always breathe healthy and fresh air.

We also provide detailed instructions for the construction of log houses that are first-rate in terms of their tightness.

The tested houses have featured standard Nordic Log products, which ensure the tightness and energy efficiency of the house as long as the construction is carried out according to the instructions.

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It's easier to breathe in a timber home

Nordic log houses are constructed with care, the natural characteristics balance the differences of internal and external air temperatures. Wood acts as a heat insulator and moisture regulator; therefore the air in log houses is easy to breathe. Due to clean indoor air, log houses are also an excellent option for people with allergies.

Massive log walls breathe naturally. They allow water vapour to move freely into and out of the wall structure. Indoor humidity remains constant and therefore it is easy to breathe in a log house. When relative humidity of indoor air is balanced, moulds and bacteria cannot grow.

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Our collection of high quality Mobile Homes manufactured from solid Scandinavian Pine Logs are ideal for permanent living. The interior can be modified to meet your specific criteria offering a perfect solution for family living. Our Mobile Homes also comply to UK Building Regulations.

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Passive Homes

A passive house is a building where warm "dirty" air, from cooking, body heat etc is extracted and this heat is used to warm outside clean that is circulated into the living area. This is achieved using a heat exchanger and an air tight building. A passive building is a type of construction which offers high energy efficiency, comfort, economy and is environmentally friendly.

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From self-build to full turnkey projects

Here at Scandinavian Log Cabins, we offer wooden homes in a self-build kit form for you to create & build your stunning new home on your plot of land, We can give help & advice for planning permission, building regulations and technical building hints & tips. Log houses or wooden houses are becoming very popular in the UK. We also offer a full turnkey option where we can handle the whole project from design drawing to arranging cushions.

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