Scandinavian Log Cabins Ltd

General Terms Of Business October 2016

This is a contract between Scandinavian Log Cabins Ltd herein known as the Company and the Customer.

1. All terms of the contract between the Customer and the Company are contained in this document. No representation or warranty is made or given by the Company save as appears herein. No variation of or addition to the work specified in an agreed schedule shall have effect unless agreed and contained in an ‘Additional Works order’ signed by an authorised officer of the Company and the Customer. The Company has been engaged by the Customer to supply only the goods as set out in the agreed contract.

2. The Customer shall grant the Company’s employees and /or authorised agents or contractors access to the premises at reasonable times for the purpose of a survey and of carrying out the work specified if necessary.

3. All materials set out in the contract shall be paid for as set out in Payment Terms, hereto. The net balance referred to in the said Payment Terms shall be paid upon the Company certifying that the said work is complete. The Customer shall not be entitled to withhold payment on account of any alleged defect. The Company agrees to investigate any alleged defect after the Payment in full of Net Balance but not otherwise. Where payment is being made by means of a loan from a Building Society or other source, the Customer is responsible for ensuring that funds are available at the time of completion of the contract as necessary. The Company will be entitled to charge interest at the current rate on any amount outstanding beyond the due date.

4. Any associated works to be carried out by the Company to be agreed on the survey and included in the contract. The Company reserves the right to proceed with this work according to their own methods unless otherwise required by lawful controls.

5. The Company shall not be responsible for works not contracted by them. Should any such contractor or works, for any reason cause the Company delays the Customer agrees to pay the Company waiting time at the normal daily rate for any employee or contracted worker delayed on site.

6. The Company will not be responsible for any delay in installation caused by accidents, fire, strikes, lockouts, shortage of materials or other causes.

7. The Company shall only give indicative delivery dates and descriptions and make every effort to supply goods in a timely manner. However, the Company cannot be held responsible for any cost incurred by the Customer due to delivery made later than the indicative date, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

8. Any claim by the Customer for compensation for damages by the Company must be made in writing to reach the Company within seven days of such damage occurring or being fairly discovered, in default of which the Company will accept no liability

9. The Company reserves the right to cancel any order at any time by refunding all monies paid.

10. The Customer cannot cancel this contract unless given in writing within 7 days of signing. All materials purchased or contracted for purchase by the Company in order to fulfil the contract, as well as any and all works already carried out, will be payable by the customer. Any deposits paid will not be refunded, unless it is deemed by the Company that it has not incurred any loss. All other circumstances will cause the Contract to be enforced and become payable forthwith.

11. Guarantee. All work carried out by the Company and/or its appointed contractors shall be guaranteed by the Company for 5 years, however, the Company shall not be held liable for any defects caused by third parties. The Customers Statutory Rights are not affected.

12. In furtherance of the Companies policy of continuous improvement we, the Company, reserve the right to carry out all installations in a manner which we consider to be the most suitable having regards to the constructional details and topographical conditions existing at the time.

13. It is the Customer’s responsibility to obtain any Local Authority approvals or permission to build, which may be required. The Company cannot be held liable for any permissions not being granted nor does the rejection of permissions not being granted give the Customer grounds to cancel this contract.

14. The Company agrees to deliver the goods as close to the Customers property as possible given consideration to Transport needs, access and public safety. If the customer refuses delivery of the goods due to any reason including any issues due to Planning Restrictions then the Company shall be entitled to charge for return carriage to a storage facility and a storage fee of 1% per week of the value of the building. After 12 weeks, the Company shall be entitled to sell the goods without limitation from the Customer. In the event of such a sale, the Company shall refund to the Customer any proceeds from the sale after deduction of a 30% commission.

15. All goods or materials supplied, whether fitted, installed or otherwise remain the property of the Company until payment has been made in full. The Customer agrees that the Company or its appointed agents may enter the property to recover any such goods or materials.

16. On the supply of Self Build Kits it is the Customers responsibility to arrange materials handling equipment with certified operatives to offload the delivery vehicle from the roadside. Any damage or shortages of component parts must be reported to the Company within seven days in writing.

17. The Company reserve the right to amend any Customers quotations for reasons out of their control such as Manufacturers Price increases and Currency Exchange rates.

18. It is the Customers or the Customers appointed contractors responsibility to ensure that the construction of a Self Build Kit meets the appropriate Building Regulations.

Scandinavian Log Cabins Ltd, Church Cottage, Tregynon, Newtown, Powys. SY16 3EH

Company Registration England & Wales: 09197583.

Note: A copy of our Terms of Business can be downloaded or a copy can be provided on request.

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